Joyful Giving

Joyful Giving

“Our giving is at best a response to the fact that God has already given to us. If God had not already given, we wouldn’t have anything to give. We talk about how much we give and how often we give, forgetting that God is the first and greatest giver.” (William D. Watley, “Bring the Full Tithe", 1995.)

Joyful Giving is a program developed by the Anglican Diocese of Toronto in 2015. Immanuel Anglican Church has adapted this program to support our 2018 Stewardship program.

Joyful Giving is about putting God’s priorities before our own. We put the support of God’s church and its mission before our own pleasure and comfort. Immanuel Anglican Church is focusing on this intent with its 2018 Stewardship Program. It is viewed as a part of stewardship in receiving God’s gifts gratefully, cherishing and tending them in a responsible and accountable manner, sharing them in justice and love with others and returning them "with increase” to the Lord.

Stewardship is a complete lifestyle of accountability and responsibility, acknowledging God as the Creator and Owner of all. As stewards, disciples of Jesus Christ, we see ourselves as caretakers of all God’s gifts. Gratitude for these gifts is expressed in prayer, worship, action and offering by eagerly sharing these gifts of our love for God and one another. Our gifts are about our use of time, our talents and our treasure.

Information on the Joyful Giving program is being sent to Immanuel’s former and current parishioners.

Key documents are:


  • This is our Story: describes the use of our budget in our church’s ministries and missions.
  • Q&A – Our Stewardship Program: answers some questions that you may have about the stewardship program.
  • Proportional Giving Tool: provides a self-evaluation that you can use to determine the proportion of your weekly income given to Immanuel and how that might help you in considering your future givings
  • Intention Card (form): provides a place for you to give information on your talents and time that you wish to give to the church and states your financial commitment for the coming year. This form is completed and sent confidentially to the treasurer. Only summary information for budget development purposes will be provided to the vestry as well as an overall report on the results of the stewardship program. Other information on time and talents is given to vestry members as they explore the needs for current and upcoming ministries.
Your prayerful consideration of your situation and giving to Immanuel is greatly appreciated. Thank you.